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About the Waiting List:

Waiting lists (for both kindergarten and preschool programs) are specific for each year;  when you request that your child be placed on a waiting list, you must state the specific school year(s) on which you wish to place your child.  Being on a waiting list does not mean that you are enrolled … it just means that you are waiting to be called when it is registration time for that school year.  Being on a waiting list does not necessarily mean there will be a spot for everyone on the list;  the earlier you put your child on the list for their school year the better. 

We start registration the beginning of January with the families currently enrolled in the Center. Then someone from the ELC will contact everyone on the Waiting List the end of January (this would be for the school year that begins that Fall).  When they call, they will know what (if anything) is available. 

If you wish to receive additional information, you may call the ELC Office at (515) 225-1952 ext. 14 and speak with our ELC Director, Diane Hensley. To have your child placed on a Waiting List, we will need the following information: