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Preschool & Kindergarten

Shepherd's Flock Early Learning Center - Phone: (515) 225-1952

At The Shepherd’s Flock ELC, we believe that the years from birth to six are the most critical years in the development of a positive self-concept, a healthy personality, and a foundation for successful life-long learning.  We further believe that every child is a very special, unique individual; that children learn best through relevant, hands-on sensory play experiences and in an environment that is nurturing, challenging and entertaining.

The Shepherd's Flock Early Learning Center is designed to facilitate the emotional, social, spiritual, cognitive and physical development of each child.  We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum which is implemented with sensitivity to each child's specific cognitive style and learning pace.

The Shepherd's Flock Early Learning Center admits all children regardless of race, color, nationality, or religious background.  The Shepherd’s Flock will make accommodations for children with special needs whenever possible;  accommodations are limited to those within the physical and financial capabilities of the Church and School.  Each child in the classroom is entitled to equitable time and attention from the teacher.  If an individual child requires a disproportionate amount of the teacher’s time, that child’s parents may have the option of providing an assistant in the classroom or withdrawing their child from the ELC program.  Assistants in the classroom will be under the direction of the ELC teacher.  All children must be toilet trained and capable of caring for their personal toileting needs.  This includes being able to communicate the need to use the rest room and the ability to manage their clothing. 

The Shepherd’s Flock ELC teachers are required to have a degree in Elementary or Early Education; most have taught in the public school system at some point in their teaching careers.  Our highly-trained, enthusiastic and committed staff are a tremendous blessing and our greatest asset, which we are pleased to offer to your service.  They are dedicated to the importance of early education and give of their time and talents ‘above and beyond’ because of this passion for teaching young children.

The Preschool curriculum recognizes the importance of all aspects of development  for the early learner and addresses each;  from motor skills (there is a 20 minute gym time each day where large motor skills are the focus – fine motor skills are addressed in the classroom with various learning center activities), to social skills, to ‘school skills’ (following directions, being a part of a class group, building attention span, etc.), to cognitive skills (reading and math foundation skills), to faith building.  The curriculum revolves around 6 thematic units that change monthly;  topics are broad-based and teachers make them specific to suit their teaching style, interests and needs of the children.  The themes work as a vehicle for making the cognitive, or ‘academic’ skills hands-on and play-oriented.  The children should feel like they are having a fun, play-filled day at school, while in reality the teachers are ensuring a day filled with purposeful learning and skill-building!
Children are grouped into their class according to date of birth.  We also try to have a good gender balance in each class; we do not wish to have less than 3 of a gender in any class.  If, however, the birthdates are spread in such a way that this is not possible, we may opt to have an all-gender class.  Grouping children according to age does NOT mean that children will automatically have the same skills … children born on the same date could be quite different from each other in different areas of development.  This doesn’t mean that one is ‘brilliant’ and one is ‘delayed’ … it’s just the nature of early education.  This is why we will always have our small class sizes … so that teachers can quickly recognize learning styles and abilities and readiness ‘moments’ for each child, and work with the individual at some point each day as well as the class as a group.
Tuition is charged monthly, September through May.  Our programs start just after Labor Day and end just prior to Memorial Day in May.  There is a $100.00 supply fee (which acts as a registration fee) for ELC preschool programs; $200 supply fee for ELC kindergarten. which is paid at registration time; this fee covers all consumables for the school year, from tissues to art supplies – everything is then furnished by the school.